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Nelson Mark

Specializing in medium and large format film work and studio digital direct capture, Nel has developed his own style and look into what he considers to be a "stale" process. Working with landscape, product, and macro imaging has been his area of specialty. Also a student of classical, formal portraiture, he strives to keep the class and atmosphere that has pleased our eyes, minds and souls for more than half a century.
Being a programmer and consultant in the computer industry since 1988, it is odd to state that he was not a fan of digital photography, primarily due to the quality of the medium. However, with recent advances in solutions for digital imaging, Nel has finally declared that the digital medium is a usable tool. When shooting black and white film material, he emphasizes the "form and emotion" of an image over it's overall composure. When doing work with color film and digital capture, he prefers to keep the image "simple and sharp" and tells that "with the amount of cameras available to the general public, as well as the automation in these devices, it has actually become harder to produce a truly pleasing image. It's time to go back to color basics and be different!" Yet, Nel also teaches Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. He is also an Visual Studio and Microsoft .NET application developer and a platform architect for specialty dental applications. Nel also is a shared holder of a United States patent developed for the treatment of TMJ disorder.
Preferred equipment: Hasselblad / Rodenstock / Zone VI / Canon 1 series / Zeiss
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